I’ll take another Air Bnb to go?

I have successfully completed two tours of Air BNB. As they say, the second time is nothing like the first time. This time was definitely different, I was with my boyfriend again, but this time in Rochester, NY; my own hometown. Our first time was in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He lives about two hours north from Toronto; so even for him it was a “vacation.” Sights he doesn’t see every day, and still the need for GPS to grab lunch. With staying in Rochester, the only excitement I received was his first impressions of everything. I loved his responses when commenting on how tall some of the buildings were in Downtown Rochester (Nothing like the CN Tower from his home!) But he made notice little things I have never noticed in the 24 years of living here. We stayed in a multi-level, one bedroom townhouse located in the heart of Rochester, in the Corn Hill area. I have never “lived” here before, but I have definitely visited the area for lunch or retail therapy. Down in this area, it is an updated “village” type of neighborhood, with restaurants providing both indoor/outdoor seating, eating with a view, trendy bars, fitness locations, art studios, salons, little boutiques, and wine bars, you can’t really go wrong! The parking was a hassle, but thats city living!

The purpose of booking an Air BNB 12 miles from my house was in sake of my boyfriends allergies. He is very allergic to cats, which I have two, Bruno and Bella. There will be a whole post dedicated to them, promise. Being in a long distance relationship is very expensive I have learned. From fueling up for each trip, groceries for a week, booking Air BnB’s…the list goes on. But theres only one reason to do it, because it is SO worth it. We stayed in the Air BNB Mar 22-Mar 28th. March 21 he arrived and we ran a trial the first night to see if the impossible was possible, him staying over with 2 cats in the house. HE MADE IT OUT ALIVE. With little contact with them and 2 Bene’s pills, we conquered the night. Knowing this, we are definitely prepared for his next trip to my home, both in New York and in Penfield.


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