As promised…


First came Bella.
Then came Bruno.

It was 2010, I was working at Friendly’s Ice Cream in Rochester. Well, it even goes back before then, back to almost to 2000. Lets start there first. – SO, back in 2000, my mother was working at a local printing office her father owned, The Office Equipment Company. Next door was Jerome’s Automotive Garage. At this garage they did much more than working on cars. They had many construction vehicles and dump trucks. In this lot, was a liter of feral cats. For my mom’s 15-20 year career, she fed these cats everyday for  even managed to find a way to get them all neutered. Its now 2010, and she was feeding them one day, and noticed a kitten that was about 3 weeks old, hadn’t opened her eyes yet, and learning to walk.

On the timeline it is now, summer 2010. She came up to the carryout window at Friendly’s holding this kitten greeting me. I screamed and jumped with excitement, for I have never had a kitten before.

Back home, I had a 3 year-old Golden Retriever named Hogan, who looked clueless when he first saw Bella. Bella followed Hogan EVERYWHERE. Outside even, played with his toys, in his bed, and didn’t leave his side.

Fast forward two years, Hogan had passed, I moved out and was living with my father. We lived in the Swillburg or in the South Wedge area of Rochester, and Bella was still at home with my mother in Brighton. I lived here with my father for about 2 years, boy did we have fun.

One day, this white and orange cat came up to me as I was sitting on the porch steps reading, coming up to me meowing as if he was hungry. Went in, grabbed a hot dog, and he was so hungry he ate 3 and then went on his way. For the next two weeks, it continued. He would sleep on my porch every night, and be there curled up when I went to school the next morning. I looked online if anyone had lost their cat, any posted notes in the area, nothing.

I then moved back in my mothers house where Bella was, and I brought that little white and orange cat, known as Bruno with me. They were the best of friends. They curled up every night together, played together, always looking for the other. Bruno filled Bella’s empty space from losing Hogan.



I’ll take another Air Bnb to go?

I have successfully completed two tours of Air BNB. As they say, the second time is nothing like the first time. This time was definitely different, I was with my boyfriend again, but this time in Rochester, NY; my own hometown. Our first time was in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He lives about two hours north from Toronto; so even for him it was a “vacation.” Sights he doesn’t see every day, and still the need for GPS to grab lunch. With staying in Rochester, the only excitement I received was his first impressions of everything. I loved his responses when commenting on how tall some of the buildings were in Downtown Rochester (Nothing like the CN Tower from his home!) But he made notice little things I have never noticed in the 24 years of living here. We stayed in a multi-level, one bedroom townhouse located in the heart of Rochester, in the Corn Hill area. I have never “lived” here before, but I have definitely visited the area for lunch or retail therapy. Down in this area, it is an updated “village” type of neighborhood, with restaurants providing both indoor/outdoor seating, eating with a view, trendy bars, fitness locations, art studios, salons, little boutiques, and wine bars, you can’t really go wrong! The parking was a hassle, but thats city living!

The purpose of booking an Air BNB 12 miles from my house was in sake of my boyfriends allergies. He is very allergic to cats, which I have two, Bruno and Bella. There will be a whole post dedicated to them, promise. Being in a long distance relationship is very expensive I have learned. From fueling up for each trip, groceries for a week, booking Air BnB’s…the list goes on. But theres only one reason to do it, because it is SO worth it. We stayed in the Air BNB Mar 22-Mar 28th. March 21 he arrived and we ran a trial the first night to see if the impossible was possible, him staying over with 2 cats in the house. HE MADE IT OUT ALIVE. With little contact with them and 2 Bene’s pills, we conquered the night. Knowing this, we are definitely prepared for his next trip to my home, both in New York and in Penfield.

I’ll take an AirBNB….to go!

With having my significant other living across the border, in a different country, living in Ontario, Canada, you sometimes have to make some lifestyle changes. We recently traveled to Toronto, Ontario, which was under 2 hours from Omemee (the rents house.)

Staying in Toronto, I was prepared to spend about $200-$400 a night for a semi-decent room, in a semi-decent area.

At the last moment, we booked an Air BNB for Downtown Toronto, at an amazing price of $87 a night. We had a full living room, with a not-so comfortable couch, a Smart TV and a small look to the right for such a gorgeous view. Had a one sided kitchenette, with the latest and greatest appliances, with such a modern taste. The bedroom featured a queen sized bed, a simplified and organized closet with sliding mirror doors.

We were on the 57th floor of the Ice ll Condo’s…mind you I said 5…7….th…. floor! Forget a CN Tower tour…just go to the balcony! It was a beautiful view and my man and I spent most of our evenings watching people ice skate, and those coming to Toronto, just miles away from the Harbourfront Centre Airport, would watch plane after plane land right on the runway under our nose.

I could not have found a better location for our temporary apartment. We were right on York Street. To the left of us was the CN tower, infront of us was the Air Canada Centre, and behind us was Ripley’s Aquarium and the Roger’s center. Every direction we looked we found something to do for the remainder of the trip.

Our second day in, we spent at the Aquarium. This was by the far the best aquarium I have ever visited. There was so much to see, and thankfully so many things we could touch & play with.  A few horseshoe crabs we could pet, a nurse shark sanctuary and lastly, my favorite, were the sting rays. After the aquarium, we experienced our first Leafs and Sabres game together. I am a huge Sabres fan, and fortunately, he likes hockey too, unfortunately, he’s a Toronto Maple Leafs fan. We had such an amazing time and it was so special for us.

We should be returning to Toronto soon, and if so, we will be definitely be using AirBNB’s services again.